Our services

We offer establishment of an entire software development cycle, mobile and web applications along with strategic consulting, competitive analysis and project management.

We provide end-to-end software and mobile application development services. Guidance from creating a concept and design, to developing and delivering the final product which will satisfy our customers.


Binteger provides their clients with complete services regarding to each job, starting from creation of the conceptual design to the final realization. We guarantee quality performance of all tasks in the IT projects range, because our team of employees consists of engineers and designers who follow the latest trends in design.

Software design is a far more sensitive and more important activity than its very creation. Only in the case of a well-designed software system, an objectively-oriented approach introduces concepts that facilitate real-world modeling and allow reuse of the code.

In order to ensure the maximum efficiency of the end result, we provide our clients with support throughout all design phases. Binteger’s main goal is for the clients to be completely satisfied.


Economy nowadays requires both small and large companies to search for ways to increase productivity and efficiency of their business while simultaneously reducing costs.

“Outsourcing” appears as one of the opportunities which improves functions of businesses, their optimization and increased earnings. Outsourcing is an IT service that allows the organization to focus on the priority jobs. By optimizing key processes through reengineering, simplifying and automating it is an ideal way to improve the organization’s volubility.

This model also implies a strategic decision, in addition to the reduced development costs, because the organization entrusts its own investment to the selected partner. Therefore, it is most important to find and ably choose a company that will accompany you on the road to further development of the business. A partner who understands your needs and offers solutions which support strategic business goals. As a reliable partner at any time, we are here for you.

Our knowledge and skills have been applied to development of complete software solutions as well as development and implementation of one or more project phases needed. In line with the requirements of your business and the projects you are implementing, we have provided more models and outsourcing methods in order to answer all your needs.


Consulting is a business activity which, with a certain financial compensation, provides recommendations to clients in order to ensure assistance in solving certain problems within the defined business area. In our case it is an information activity.

Years of experience and continuous education of staff along with monitoring of up-to-date technologies gives us the right to focus on clients entirely and provide them with all necessary knowledge in the field of information technology.

This service involves consulting clients in terms of optimal utilization of existing resources and planning of new resources, also involves optimization of business, analysis of critical points in business process and identification of new technologies that keep these business processes up to date.

We enable our clients to make better use of existing and new systems by helping them to look accurately at their own needs. For over two decades of business experience ensures us with the ability to provide our clients also with support through education, among other services. The goal of our consulting services is to transform ideas and operational efficiency into effectiveness.