We offer solutions

The Binteger team consists of experienced, young and enthusiastic people. By creating web and saas applications, as well as mobile and desktop applications, web sites, online stores, they all want their partners to point out to the business opportunities which open up by the presence of the Internet.

The Internet allows easier access to promising customers and clients wherever they are, but also imposes new rules of the game, which has made running business more exciting, though unpredictable.

Our global IT Delivery Model provides a framework which overcoms customer expectations in all dimensions – quantity, time and cost.

Development process

Our development process









Mission & Vision

Our MISSION is to encourage our clients development and enable them to grow and achieve business goals and results by using the latest information technology.
Our VISION is to provide continuous development and leading position among IT companies on the territory of Serbia and in the region, by having optimal investments in resources and quality of services.
The evaluation of Binteger by potential clients as being the best partner for cooperation as well as customer loyalty and their recognition of Binteger as a top-level firm is the result of continuous investment in the areas that lead to the fulfillment of our vision, whether it is partnership with companies around the world, the acquisition of cutting-edge designing tools for work or investment in staff training.

Binteger employment

Staff development is our priority!

Due to the constant development of software engineering, Binteger is looking for quality personnel ready to accept our values.

Respecting company standards, we approach to the process of staff selecting with great care and dedication, because we see our competitive advantage in people who are ready to respond to the challenges of the job.